Jun22nd: Wayfarers 100k

QE2QE100 - A 100 mile race on foot

Planned for July 2018 

Start:               Home Park, Windsor, SL4 6HX 
Finish:            Queen Elizabeth Country Park, PO8 0QE

Cutoffs:          14 hours at 50-mile point
                       30 hours at the finish
Registration: £89 if supported by your own crew, £99 if you wish to be supported by SWR aid stations.


A 100 mile trail race from Queen Elizabeth's home town of Windsor to Queen Elizabeth Country Park in the South Downs National Park along clearly marked path and national trails.

The route follows five publicly marked routes:

  • Thames Path: from Windsor over Shepperton Bridge and back to Weybridge - good quality path, sometimes tarmac.
  • Wey Navigation Path: from Weybridge to Guildford - flat grass and path, mostly good quality.
  • Downslink: from Guildford to Steyning - disused railway line, occasionally undulating, mostly good quality flat trail.
  • Monarch's Way for a short climb up to...
  • South Downs Way to QECP near Petersfield - hilly ancient chalk trail with outstanding views day and night.

The course is designed to be easy to follow, but the terrain gets progressively harder to run the nearer you are to the finish. This is a small event with less than 50 competitors expected, small enough to be able to know whereabouts everyone is, but large enough for there to be company out on course.

List of entrants


These are provisional but indicative of the planned location and distance into the race.  The "Cutoff" times are set to ensure that we can man all the aid stations that would need to be open simultaneously.  The times shown are designed to ensure that runners will be able to complete the course in the allotted 30 hours allowing for natural slowdown and the increasing hardness of the course towards the end.   The earlier cutoffs will not be enforced absolutely if we consider that a competitor has a reasonable chance of getting back within later cutoff times.  

Our primary aim is your safety, and the secondary aim is to see you to the finish, and whilst there is a realistic possibility that you can achieve both of these, you will not be asked to retire from the race.


Pacers are permitted at any point on the course, but are not allowed to physically assist the runner in competition, for example by carrying items. Any pacer must be made known to us in advance of the start of the race including mobile phone contact details.

Kit (be sensible)


At all times, you are required to carry:

Phone: a charged mobile phone with race contact numbers stored on it.  Ensure any pacer or crew has these numbers also.

Water:  containers for 1 litre minimum.

Food:  Some emergency food, you know best what you can actually force down, but absolute minimum 300 calories

Warmth: Space blanket

Light: From 43 miles or first checkpoint after 7PM (whichever sooner), you must have a working headtorch and a backup light source both of reasonable power (suggested minimum around 100 lumens).  Your crew may hand you these at dusk, or you may leave them with us to pick up at a designated checkpoint along the way.


Warm clothing, especially at night and on the later stages.

Basic medical kit including bandage plaster Compeeds,. 

Maps (if you know how to use them).  In order of importance: 1) Monarch's way from Steyning to South Downs Way, 2) South Downs Way, 3) Wey Navigation, 4) Thames Path, 5) Downslink

Come prepared for all weather conditions.  For example, if there is a possibility of rain, then bring waterproof gear.

Please use common sense.  Getting to the finish safely is your first objective, do everything you can to achieve this. Under-kitting for speed may seem attractive now, but once you've done 50 miles or more, you won't care about the speed, just finishing.


Google map of the course

Race held under UK Athletics rules

TRA Permit: TBA