No more races planned for 2020. Races for 2021 are provisional.

Queen Elizabeth Country Park, near Petersfield, Hampshire, PO8 0QE

Midnight Marathon 24th July 2021 @ 21:00 (9PM)

  • Night race on way-marked good quality trails
  • Chip-timed start and finish
  • Aid stations every 7k and well stocked
  • Bespoke one-off event finisher's medal 
  • Free parking available
  • Results on Runbritain

Enjoy the excitement of night running in the South Downs in the Summer.   

The marathon - starting with a signed route for a couple of miles within the country park, then on the public way-marked South Downs Way, with multiple water/feed stations along the way.

This is a great way to run at night with others on a course that is simple to follow.  

Under a full moon with a clear sky you can see a night view for miles around - the stars above, the headtorches along the hilltops and the lights of the villages below.

Even though this is a summer event, it can still get cold at night, so please wear or carry appropriate clothing.  In addition, all participants will be required to take a head-torch with spare batteries, and recommended to take a backup light source and carry a mobile phone. 

You may take all night to finish it, but as a rough guide, we would expect the fastest finishers to be back just after Midnight and everyone to be finished by 4AM.

For those that will take over 8 hours on the Marathon, there may be an early start at 8PM.

After the finish, relax undercover with soup and bread rolls (including fully vegan option) before heading home.

We expect over 200 entrants, so plenty of people around without it spoiling the night running experience.

Aid stations and checkpoints

Aid stations will be positioned as follows:

  • 4.6 miles  - SDW Forty acre lane 800m west of South Harting
  • ​9.1 miles  - Treyford Hill - staggered junction of SDW
  • ​13.2 miles - Cocking car park - "Turnaround point"
  • ​17.3 miles - Treyford Hill - staggered junction of SDW
  • ​21.7 miles - SDW Forty acre lane 800m west of South Harting

These will have water and soft drinks to refill your containers, plus some cakes, sweets and savouries that you are welcome to take with you.
In the interests of reducing waste and avoiding litter, the drinks stations are primarily there to refill your container, not to hand out bottles or cups. If you do use one of our bottles or cups, please drop it in the bin before leaving.

Your number, time and position will be recorded at all checkpoint stations. Please make sure your number is visible and that your number has been recorded before you leave the every station.

The course

The South Downs Way section of the course is not specifically marked for the race - i.e. it is an course using public waymarks, although we add a few extra signs here and there on the less obvious parts.

The course starts within QECP (there will be some guidance signage and marshals). Before leaving the country park, the course joins the South Downs Way which you will be following out to Cocking and then back to QECP, again on the South Downs Way.

The South Downs Way is already publicly way-marked, and you will be expected to follow the signs.  It's mostly pretty easy to follow, but there are a few points where course familiarity will help.  You might like to join one of our guided course recces in advance of the event. 

The terrain is hilly trail, sometimes chalky and therefore slippery when wet.  Trail shoes are recommended, but if the weather has been dry prior to the event, then road shoes should suffice whilst offering less protection from the stony surface.

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Marathon profile:

Click here for an entertaining 2018 race report from Jhon Cosgrove

Race run under UK Athletics rules.  

Minimum age 18, no dogs.

TRA Permit: TBA